Spotlight - Just JavaScript

2020, May 16

Hi. As this blog has been taking shape, I have been thinking it would be neat to identify different types of posts. Introducing "Spotlights". These "spotlight" posts will be fun or interesting things that I have found on the internet related to software development that I hope you, the reader, will find enjoyable as well. I'll write up a little introduction, maybe some thoughts, and then send them out for you to check out - enjoy!


If you are in the JavaScript/React world, you have most likely heard of Dan Abramov. When I was first starting out, Dan was one of the first people I watched on YouTube to learn about different JavaScript or React concepts, especially when having difficulty grasping or applying an idea. What I enjoyed was his way of boiling a concept down to a simple, digestible idea, and building upon that to provide greater understanding. That's what you can expect from Just JavaScript.

What is it?

Simply, a JavaScript fundamentals course for those who feel they do not have a firm grasp on the basics. Dan is teaming up with Maggie Appleton to put together a rough draft of the course, and allowing fellow JavaScript enthusiasts to read them before they are widely distributed and provide feedback on the ideas.

What can I do?

If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to visit the site and consider signing up to help out.

Why am I Spotlighting this site?

Dan does a ton for the community, and any help we can give back is a big thank you!